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August 16, 2009


そこのメンバーのポールが、このワークショップで、キースが言っていた名言集を「Face Book」で公開していました。



<Some quotes from Keith Johnstone at BATS Improv August 13-15, 2009>

Comedy only needs light from the front.
There aren’t any rules except for beginners.
Doing your best is called stage fright.
All you can do is add tension to your muscles so you can prove to yourself that you are acting.
We make ourselves look ugly & unavailable – if you are walking around beaming, after about 200 yards you’ll either get hit on or mugged.
Drama - One person changes another.
The illusion is: there are lots of surprises in good movies.
Teaching is a game – can you get them to understand?
If you screw up – you should laugh… it’s the only way to learn anything. In here, screw up and stay happy – NOT OUT THERE!
Beginners disconnect everything
There are instincts that keep improvisers from moving it forward.
Your brain is trying to protect you – you got here: hooray! – but onstage it makes sure nothing will happen.
Movies are about things we don’t want happening to us – onstage why not?
Why should you be able to be heard on stage? To keep the audience from leaving the theatre –
“The easiest way to improvise is directed improvisation.”
Whatever we just saw, we want something different.
Having FUN – “change the category”
Somebody who wants something, and suffers for it – now THAT’S a hero.
In times of crisis, something else takes over. (perhaps that’s why improvisers don’t care if they are scared)
“Sanity is a behavior that you learn to keep other people from bothering you.”
THE OBVIOUS – it’s rather difficult to see.
Every time you do something obvious, the audience perceives you as original – which is totally ridiculous.
You may have servants serving the master, but that’s NOT the scene.
In my opinion, theatre should offend people – otherwise it’s just tame
ON GOSSIP- “If you are walking through the forest, and you meet a mouse with a machine gun… if you are normal, it’s looking for a cat; if you are a little braver, it’s looking for YOUR cat; if you are really brave, it’s looking for you…”
All of these things are effortless – unless you are trying to prove you are some sort of genius… it’s easy if you just categorize the ideas as one thing or another.
You don’t spot originality when it arrives
If you desperately try to be obvious, your ideas will look fresh.
Something knows better how to do things – YOU just get in the way…
As you get older, you tend to think that the world is going to hell – it sort of takes away the sting of death…
Open eyes tend to make for more positive behavior.
Spontaneity is NOT pretending – it’s when it just happens
If you are going to make mistakes, make big ones, or you are sort of selling yourself short.
You make a negative choice to be safe – if you make a positive choice, you might have a chance of having something happen.
You don’t have to make orgasmic noises to throw off the tension – it’s just a short cut.
If you put somebody in someone else’s territory, it’s automatically interesting to the audience.
They never have a “Scene 2” in normal improvisation.
Create a stability – find something that changes one of the characters.
It’s an experiment to see how much the other person will be changed.
Have you ever noticed - babies have these wonderful voices that can scream all night and never have a sore throat…
Frightened people are arrogant & cowardly
Recognize it first (fear), then you can deal with it.
Interaction can be worrying with strangers – the stage magnifies this.
If it goes wrong up here – laugh.
All of these people are pretending to be normal.
“If you direct a play, you watch the audience – they have the knowledge – you are just guessing.”
You take a small action – and you try to find ways to make it more interesting – without completing the action.
“He was like a lighthouse flashing signals of despair” (description of stage fright)
You do have a mind – you have to find way to use it. It might be different from others…
If you say YES to everything, the most astonishing things will happen to you.
It’s nice if you don’t say NO automatically.
It’s nice to be in the company of playful adults.
Of course - there are forces inside you trying to screw it up.
I’d like improvisers to be actors. They can be comedians if they like, but since they are going to be on stage, they should be actors.

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