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December 29, 2010



28日(金)は、National Theatre of the World(カナダ)、Kirsten Sprick(ドイツ)、Yuri Kinugawa(日本)
29日(土)は、Barbixas(ブラジル?)、Tim Stoltenberg(カナダ)、James McLaughlin(NZ&イギリス)、Matthieu Loos(フランス)



わたしのワークショップのタイトルは「Solo or duo impro free form 」で、





Beginner/ intermediate: Instant theatre for improvisers / National Theatre of the World
In this workshops we explore what it takes to play in the style of Woody Allen.
This workshop will focus on two areas: Scene study and committing to a style.
Scene study: By understanding how famous playwrights have written for the theatre, we will explore how that understanding can help improvisers create equally captivating scenes for instant theatre!

Committing to a style: When you committ to a style or genre you not only infuse a theatricality into your improv but bring your stage craft depth and intention to bear.

This workshop will blend the crafts of stage acting, listening, stillness, purpose, and intention, with the abandon, fearlessness, and surprise of improvisation. An exciting opportunity for any improviser wanting to make more stylish improvisation.

Intermediate/advanced: Look who´s talking / Kirsten Sprick

In this workshop we will merge into the world of stories, get surprised by who or what has a story in our everyday life. Things and people around us have (could have) an inner voice. There could be a lot of talking around us and we don´t even know it.

In this workshop we will focus on these stories. While you are walking through the city listen to all the inner talking around us. We will get inspired by the things we usually don´t hear and put them into our scenes.

Advanced: Solo or duo impro free form / Yuri Kinugawa
If Bansai Twins inspires you, this is the workshop for you! ..........
The audience creates their own story by what the impovisor does on the stage but how much can the audience "feel" the story?

If an improvisor points to an apple on a table and says "Oh, this is an apple", the audience understands intellectually that an apple is on the table.
However, how can we make the audience "feel" the reallity of the apple?

This workshop is foucused on "being" rather than "doing", giving the improvisor the tools to project the feelings that will deepen their performance.

We explore creating imaginary spaces inspired by the writing of Japanese theatre writier and director, Minoru Betuyaku and using the techniques of speed and thythm inspired by RADA movement teacher, Rona Marshall.

Come along, don't be scared!
Beginner: Latin Basics / Barbixas
Latin America has its own improv style. Players of Barbixas have studied with all the big improv masters in Chili, Argentina, Colombia and Brasil.
And although the basisc are the same everywhere: accepting, letting go, story-telling, etc. their style is certainly different!

Beginner: The first minute / Tim Stoltenberg
This workshop focuses on what happens in the first minute in the scene and how to heighten and explore that. Using what is there and not having to add to it to make the scene work. This also explores the power of silence and how by not saying anything we are saying everything

Intermediate: Fairytale Models for Improvisation / James McLaughlin
We will examine the models of common fairytales and sample the different short-form games through which we can present these on stage.
We will then construct longer scenes in which we will utilize the narrative paradigms of fairytales in other genres and contexts.
This workshop will foster character work, support play, listening, and storytelling.

Advanced : "Reveal and celebrate what is already there" / Matthieu Loos
Description : ... which starts with a little metaphor... A sculptor starts to work on a big piece of wood, and a little kid is standing next to him, watching him working. After a while, the sculptor drops his tools on the floor, and walks back a little, to watch his sculpture. The kid does the same, and discovers that the sculpture is actually him! He looks at the artist, and says, surprised: "Hey, how did you know I was in there?"

Why not becoming this sculptor and surprise the audience by revealing to them what is already there, in front of them, in between us? What if the stories we were about to tell were already written within us...?

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